Design Philosophy

To me, architecture – as design, is finding the open window that allows for challenging the ordinary.

 I have always managed to see the potential in things that already have an established function. The intent of my studies is to quantify this potential and help others acquire the knowledge and skills to see and appreciate the things I see, the way I see them.

The things that are the most important to me right now, are the things that are hardest to define. One of the most important aspects of being a designer is being able to explicitly transfer your ideas. Our challenge in architecture is experiencing and reacting to change. For me, a design is derived from considered responses to the change in climate, culture, technology, location, and the environment as a whole.

Architecture becomes a functional form when; through intellectual reflection, an inspired and suitable balance between all constituents is reached; and a particularly indomitable physical entity is brought to life.

My enthusiasm and curiosities lie in the possibilities of the architecture of tomorrow; one that is shaped by the old and new facets of design. Re-inventing the work of my predecessors is less productive than using their knowledge to shape my own voice.  Every decision that we make is made in reaction to what we know. Either what we know through experience, through the reading that we have done, or through stories that we have been told.

The more things we know, the farther reaching our design work and our lives in general have the capacity to be. And the greater chance we have to make a positive difference in the world.


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