Scope Cafe


Scope Cafe: Miami, FL.

University of Miami SOA, Summer 2013

Students were to design a deployable cafe for the University of Miami School of Architecture.

Concept: “Scope”. A term which relates to this project in both its noun and verb form. As a verb, the word “scope” is the informal tern often used to refer to the telescope, an object which allows for seeing far distances but who’s name has become inherently associated with the action, or movement, of the object. The term describes the nesting action of multiple parts. It brings attention to the action of the joints. As a noun, the term “scope” speaks to the structure’s capacity for action or opportunity to function.

In keeping with the De Stijl theme of the University of Miami School of Architecture, we design a cafe structure which operates and deploys based on the operative principles of the telescope.

This project was designed with partners Brenna Johnson and Elena Roth.

Mediums: Autocad 2012, Sketchup Pro 8, Photoshop and Indesign.