Sutro Underground


Sutro Underground: San Francisco, CA.

University of Miami SOA, Summer 2013

Students were to design a Wellness Center for the Sutro Baths historic ruins located in the United States.

Concept:  Utilizing discrete design, the building is conceived as inhabitable topography serving as a gracious threshold between suburban context and the 117 year old Sutro Baths. The experience is guided through the existing pathways leading visitors into or directly through the structure. The curved glass facade becomes a mediating surface between the building and landscape. Utilizing the earths mass to achieve a high performance building envelope; heat gain and natural illumination are maximized. Surfaces of glass provide views by framing specific vistas off in the distance. The structure is experienced cinematically and is never seen in its entirety.

This project was designed with partner Adam Raiffe.

Mediums: Autocad 2012, Revit 2013, Sketchup Pro 8, Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.