Emergency Relief Housing Units

“Inside” House: Emergency Relief Housing UnitsBarranquilla, Columbia.

University of Miami SOA, Fall 2012

During this 6 week project our studio was given the opportunity to travel to Barranquilla, Colombia in order to better understand the lifestyle and climatic conditions the people of Las Flores are faced with on a daily basis. Our trip was sponsored by TechnoGlass and Frontier Liens both based out of Barranquilla in hopes of establishing a design solution for their need of off-the-grid emergency housing units. Our design projects were to derive from the reuse of shipping containers in order to provide 50+ families with efficient and comfortable homes that can withstand the forces of their detrimental storms.

Concept: My design was based on the typical tropical house. Its main elements are a screened in louvered porch, sliding doors on either side for ventilation purposes, and a slanted roof for water to drain directly into a storage tank located over the exterior lavatory units. The idea was that these units could be set up by the residents themselves in either pairs or quadrants in order to create alleys and neighboring yards which will then begin to form its own off-the-grid community.

Final Deliverables Requested: Process Sketches, Detailed Line Drawings at 1″ = 1′ – 0″ Scale and Physical Model (see ‘Model Building’)

Mediums: Autocad 2012, Sketchup, Hand Drafting, Hand Rendering, Photoshop and Indesign