The UCP, Golden Glades – Part 2

The UCP Nest, Golden Glades, Florida.

University of Miami SOA, Spring 2014

Part 2 : Using the group selection provided by the professor, use design concepts, floor plans, 3d massing and all information acquired during research phase Part 1. Students were to team up and combine concepts and floor plans in order to develop a cohesive project that accommodates the needs of the UCP staff, clients and visiting families.

This project is one that was taken on by Professor and Architect David Scott Trautman in collaboration with the entire UCP Baby House Project Board. The ultimate goal of this studio project is to design not for ourselves, not only for the sake of making something that is of architectural excellence but more importantly to provide a place that is comforting and allows the 15 residents of this home to learn to regulate their stress and anxiety and maximize their development, self-control and overall psychological well-being.


The UCP Nest strives to provide comprehensive, seamless and cognitively innovative patient, staff and family centered health care to guide and improve the health status of the UCP clients we serve. The current state of the building in cluttered, inefficient, uncomfortable and most importantly ignorant of the needs of those who occupy it. The goal of this design is to transform the currently apparent shortage into an architecture that responds to the needs of both the residents and staff. The idea is to focus on what is now of evident shortage in the facility; storage. Storage within each wall becomes an inventive and interactive feature that collectively begins to transform the spaces within the house. If we focus on the basic necessities of a successful facility and make them a focal point of the design, we will then be able to produce a happy and healthy environment where residents, employees and family members are valued, recognized and supported. It will be a center of educational excellence by continuously evaluating and adopting innovative practices in technology and health care.

This child friendly and state-of-the-art facility will not only be one of medical excellence, but as they live, play, learn and most importantly grow; the residence provides our community with a place to call HOME. A place in which they feel they belong.


All the walls within the new building will be storage. This will help ease the comfort of accomplishing daily tasks for the staff all while improving the lifestyle of the residents. Through the design methods of color blocking and engraving of information into the walls, these visually enhanced storage walls will provide residents with the opportunity to constantly challenge themselves in order to better expand their knowledge. Through these transformations, the overall goal will be to ease the:

1. Efficiency of operations affecting the staff and residents.

2. Comfort and livability affecting the residents.

3. Interactivity and learning with the built environment for the residents.

4. Compatibility between the facility and the surrounding neighborhood.

This project was designed with partner Shushanik Ghazaryan.

Visit The UCP Baby House Project  for more information and help support this cause.

Mediums: Autocad 2012, Revit 2014, Photoshop, Illustrator & Indesign.