Mind’s Eye

Mind’s Eye Center for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Miami, FL

Syracuse University, Fall 2011

Students were design an addition to a hospital that provided elderly patients with care for a chosen disability or disease.

Concept: Mind’s Eye provides flexible spaces that promotes recollection of lost memories through sensory activities. Through studies, a combination of sensory activities have been proven to alleviate the stressful daily encounters faced by Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. The facility is divided into five therapeutic environments. Memories are generated through Aromatherapy, Virtual Reflection, Music, and Art Work. These four therapeutic spaces are bound together by one main element acting as its own living organism; if you will, coinciding with the user in the space. The tree in the center symbolizes strength and life, providing patients with a space to reap the therapeutic benefits of nature. In these disease’s the last thing the brain forgets to do is breathe, and the central tree acts as a reminder- reminding one to step back and take a breath.

This project was designed with partner Heather Kennedy.