“Shift” Community Center

Shift Community Center, London, UK.

Syracuse University, Spring 2011

Students were instructed to study the abandoned railway arches near Waterloo Tube Station and further establish a program that would benefit the area.

Concept:  Southbank, London is made up of a wide range of personalities and lifestyles. From locals, and tourists to the needy and homeless. A linked transitioning facility, designed for all lifestyles throughout this community would be an essential addition to the city of Southbank/Waterloo. Being located near Waterloo station, heavy traffic flow is a constant. The waterfront portion of Southbank suggests a more exhilarating and exploratory feel with different attractions; free flowing movement and exceptional mind boggling views. Mepham Street, located between these two busy areas, consists of quiet derelict arches. As one cronolically walks a straight path through these areas there is an extreme shift in the environment. Mepham Street provides an amazing connection point to house a facility that promotes the gathering of all individuals within the area. Three geographical spaces work together in order to create a communal space with food, relaxation, communication, and interaction. Three transitioning arches will create a setting that allows identified people to come together in order to experience new forms of interaction. The construction of this vicinity will lift this area from its natural grounds and begin to knock down all the physical and psychological barriers, which have continued to form within Southbank throughout history.